Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How to Manage Sales Leads Effectively?

One of the most challenging task for business Marketer is to generate sales leads and getting new customers for their business. Any business can't be success without properly managing the sales leads. But business marketing is not so easy. it required money, time and efforts to manage the marketing campaign. A lead is not like a person who go to the shop and buy few items. Marketers need to track and  follow up leads in proper way.

Due to high competition in the market, the sales manager need to develop a very effective and creative approach generate leads. Today, almost ever marketer knows the ways of leads generation. But many don't that how do it in more effective way to get best quality leads and increase the sales. Once you have got data then next task will be analyze the data and identify the techniques to approach the leads. If you are contacting them through email, use the email id of your main domain. For example if your domain URL is then you can use the id like or etc. This kinds of email id not only looks trustworthy but also get more response. The mail materials like subject of the mail, content, and images must be specific. Always keep your mail material short but understandable easily in first look. Image added in the mail content should be eye catching which can keep attention of the viewers.

Tracking and properly and timely follow up is very important to manage the leads. If you did not get response after sending your proposal to leads, then send them again after 4-5 days with add the word 'Reminder' in your subject. And if you get any response from leads then reply them as soon as possible and never delay in response. If lead will get your response delay then it will create your bad impression and leads  can think that your are not serious about your business. Therefore, always try to give response within 24 hours.

Now you can use CRM software to manage manage your sales leads. But it is bit costly for new business or for those who have low budget. If you cant use CRM tool then use Microsoft Excel sheet to manage your leads and add few columns with heading like Mail Sent, First Reminder, Second Reminder, Third Reminder, and Comment etc. Under Mail Sent column, mention the date of sending mail, same for under reminder columns. And under comment column, mention  'Not Interested' or 'Interested'. The leads who are not interested, can also be valuable for your and your can contact with them after few months.

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