Saturday, September 8, 2018

Why do Companies Pay Consumers to Take Surveys

Nowadays many companies run online paid surveys. These kinds of paid surveys are very popular amongst the people who want to earn extra income at home. Online paid surveys become popular quickly amongst the masses. Millions of the people around the globe are benefiting from taking online surveys and anyone can think about it. Now this question raises that why companies pay to the people to take online surveys? If you are taking online surveys then you must know the answer of this question.

This is a regular process that companies collect the valuable product data from their target market and audience. Such kinds of data are collecting through various medium. For example – purchasing report about a particular target market. Many companies buy consumer data from the companies that collect and sell consumer data. This kind of customer data provides an overview to the companies that which kinds of customer buy their products and who are their customers. Companies want to collect data by directly asking to the consumer that what they think about their products which they are using or used.

So companies know that what their customers think about their products but how this can be related to online paid surveys? Well! Since companies paid for the data to know who are their customer, so they want much more valuable and specific data also about what their customers think about the product? Therefore companies offer cash for their opinion through online surveys.

If a company asks to their customer who purchased their product that ‘would you like to take a quick 10 minutes surveys?’ then most of the people respond “no thanks” because they think that they will not getting anything for their time while companies will get free data. Therefore companies pay money to their consumers who participate in online surveys. If consumers get compensation then they become agree to participate in online surveys with happiness.

Instead of paying money to thousands of consumers individually, companies prefer to pay to the few websites who distribute their surveys. And consumer can participate in online surveys of different companies at one place/website.

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