Thursday, October 25, 2018

What is the Importance of Data Cleansing

Consumer and business data is a very important asset for businesses. But data can be becomes useless if it is not organized. Good quality data plays an important role in efficient running of business.  Data mainly consists of consumer information, information about products, physical address, contact phone number and market survey details etc. This information is collected from many databases. Here it is important that different databases have different format so it becomes difficult to manage or merge the data of various databases into single database.

So what is the solution of managing big databases? Well! You can organize the data by a process called data cleansing.  It is necessary because if data will be clean then it will be easier to analyze by the expert.Since one database contains millions of data so it is almost impossible to do data cleansing manually. So nowadays there are many data cleansing software are available through which database administrators can easily do data cleansing.

Data cleansing is a process by which database administrator identify the wrong or unwanted data from the databases. After identifying the wrong or unwanted data, it can be either deleted or replaced with other useful data whichever required.

When importing the data, always make sure to use a common format applied before it is stored in the system to improve the consistency. In addition to this, check the spelling error by dictionary software. All this process improves the quality of data and after this data can be analyzed easily.

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