Friday, October 12, 2018

An Introduction to Data Management and Recovery System

Gone are the days when business used to keep their important data in physical files. Now due to technical enhancement businesses keep their important files and data electronically all around the world. But sometimes data can be lost or can be stolen, therefore it becomes very important to protect the files from stolen and lost.

Businesses recruit information technology (IT) experts which are called database administrators to store, protect and recover the data in case of lost. Database administrators also insure the efficiency of sharing data amongst computers networks of the company if required in secure way. Now many database management system software are available in the market which are used by the database administrators. One of the popular database management systems is Microsoft Soft Access (MS Access). Other popular database management software is SQL, Oracle, Fox Pro etc.

Database administrator can find any particular data in a sec from millions of data because they give a unique number to every tabular data so that they can be accessed easily and can’t be mismatch with other similar data stored in the database. Database administrators also keep the back up of the data in external hard disk so that if data has been lost from computer due to virus or due to any other reasons then they will have its another copy.

Database administrators also use data recovery tools or software to recover the original data if lost. Now many data recovery tools are available, for example- Recuva, Disk Drill Basic etc. are few data recovery tools used by database administrators.

For security of important business data, companies don’t allows to bring the data storage devices like pen drive, CD, and  hard disk etc. in the company for precaution so that no one can theft the data. Also, companies use passwords protected files so that any unauthorized person can’t see or theft these data. 

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