Friday, January 25, 2019

Who need consumer data?

There are many valuable assets for business and consumer data is one of them. Any business can't do their marketing campaign properly without knowing that who will buy their products or services. Consumer data contain various field like name of consumer, their age, phone number, geographical location, income, sex etc. Below paragraph gives a brief introduction about who need consumer data.

Supermarket collects consumer data by offering a discount card. They gives a discount card to the people and ask their personal details in exchange. And card holders can buy products at discounted price.

Lead generation companies or data brokers also collect various kinds consumer data. They collect a varieties of consumer data from various sources to sell. Life, health, auto and final insurance companies buy data from lead generation companies to enhance their business.  Many businesses also buy consumer data from other businesses to increase their sales leads, identifying the buying trends of customers and use these information in business growth.

Some big business brands also buy consumer data for marketing research, survey and to expand their business. In addition to this data mining companies also use consumer data to look for pattern by using mathematical formula. 

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